For today, I’m going with a poem I wrote a few years back. The thing that sets this one apart is that you can read it from the last line to the first line or the first line to the last line and still get a coherent story. Enjoy :).

Never Asked, Never Told

There lies
A folded flag
On my outstretched arms
A soldier’s friend.
I was given the task
On the plane
From the warzone
Where I screamed my friend’s name.
Bloody and torn he lies.
My friend’s sacrifice
A bomb blast.
We run through the fields
Today’s battle has begun.
The alarm sounds
We’ll protect each other.
We survived training.
Brutal Work
We entered a new world
Ironed our clothes
Cut our hair
Lined up.
Our new life begins.
Nervous and excited
We sign away our lives.
At the enlistment office
We walked in
Then let go.
We held hands
For a moment
It was time now.
Graduation was over.
The school year went by so fast
I remember
We had this crazy idea
To serve our country
“There’s something we can do together.”
My friend said.
“We should never be apart.”
I said.
That’s enough.
The warmth of my friends’ hand in mine.
To live here.
That’s what I want.
To go backwards
We have all we need.
For now.
For the truth
I’ll go back.
A perfect night.
Nothing can go wrong
In this time.

we the people


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