A Poet’s Return

Busy-ness has kept me away from blogging for a bit, so I decided to check back in. Here’s a poem, and happy friday!

Almost Fantasy

You wear no crown

Nor a flowing gown

But when you are around…

You have this power that is best

Setting off this fluttering in my chest

In short, I’d call you a princess.


I carry no sword, or a shield

To a dragon I would yield

But when I see you my fate is sealed…

All your foes I would fight

Until you stand in the light

In short, I’d want to be called your knight.


Instead of fighting beasts

I would at the least

Make any tears of yours cease.

I’d find it worthwhile

With gumption and guile

To make sure every day that you smile.


In return from you

All you have to do

Is let me bask in your maroon hue.


If we could make out too that would also be great,

But I’d leave that part to fate

Either way, Almost princess you have An almost knight ready-in-wait.






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