Back Again

I took a break from blogging to focus on work and finishing off a play :D. Now I’ll be back with weekly updates, starting with a poem for today. This was fittingly, the last poem I wrote last year. Happy new year everyone!

At Last

To the boys who have forgotten how to smile because the pieces of their broken hearts are scattered like spilled marbles on their bedroom floors

To any of the girls whose chests are in pain because someone took their heart and played with it like it was some 50’s Barbie doll

And to anyone who doesn’t fit in those gender boxes but whose heart has been crushed as carelessly as play-doe in a child’s hands

Let me the first to tell you that you have not lost the game of love.

No battle is fought without causality

And let the gaping wounds in our breasts be the proof.

For we are soldiers

Raising Arms to embrace the inevitable

Our loves.

We ran blindly into the fray

Were Shot with bullets from Cupid’s bow

And then captured with a kiss.

That was the day we didn’t lose, we got lost I’m here to tell you, my fire-forged friends that’s it’s time we got found.

Not by anyone else but ourselves.

We’ve lost sight of our reflections

Too used to staring into the mirrored lenses of our partners’ eyes

The only identities left to choose from are pain, loneliness or bitterness.

My fractured hearted friends

There’s more to life than love and war

There is peace.

Like doves skimming on waves of soft music and clouds.

 It’s time to build yourself up like a sailboat

Your talents displayed out on your flag

Forged by your fire of life

And your treasure? That smile you may have hid away.

Take sail

And on that sea

You may come across another sailor.

I recommend a wave.

My now familiar friend

With your marbles back together

A willingness to share your favorite doll

And your playdo formed into a strong and beautiful creation I say to you

That the time for games is over

An era of peace has come to you at last.

So beautiful soldier,

Lay down your arms.