Preview of Stage Play, G.O.D. Is Complex

I’ve taken a short break from posting to spend more time writing my second full length seriocomic play, G.O.D. Is Complex. Here is a little snippet of it. Enjoy!


G.O.D. Is COMPLEX Preview

Character List

DOM, early twenties

GREAT OMEGA-ALPHA DIVINE, Twenty-two billion years old

Various characters of different ages and genders, such as bystanders


Modern day, American City #8
Scene 2
We transition to a street where Dom enters slowly with his head down.
Bystander 1: (Carrying laptop) I haven’t seen looting this bad since the last time we had a blackout.
Bystander 2: (Carrying a stack of clothes) I know! People up here actin’ up like it’s the end of the world.
Bystander 3: (runs onstage) Foreshadowing! (Pause) Has anyone seen my dog, foreshadowing?
Bystander 1: (Looks around) Sorry, I’m not seeing foreshadowing anywhere.
Bystander 2: Don’t worry baby, I’m sure foreshadowing will show up later.
Bystander 3: You’re sure?
Bystander 2: Positive.
Bystander 3: (Nods and jogs off)
Dom: (Sighs and slumps down against the wall)
GREAT OMEGA DIVINE enters. As stated before, the character can be portrayed by an actor of any gender, race or height. Great notices Dom
Great: Groovy!
Dom: (Looks around) What? Oh, do you mean me?
Great: Yeah!
Dom: What’s so “groovy” about me?
Great: Well, everyone here is moving around, all spazzy, but you’re here all chill and stuff. Like a solid rock in an ocean of chaos or something.
Bystander 3: (Runs on) Foreshadowing! (Exits)
Dom: Well, I’m only sitting here because…I messed up.
Great: Wanna talk about it, man?
Dom: (Looking at audience, annoyed) Sure. (Back to Great) I was supposed to…ahem, appropriate a fossil from an…orphanage for my girlfriend, but I didn’t get there in time before someone else…lifted it. Guess I was really 25 million years late.
Great: About 66 million if we’re talking the cretaceous period.
Dom: Okay, archeology major. Point is, without that fossil, my relationship will fail, and then it will affect my job, and then I’ll lose that too.
Great: What do you do for a living?
Dom: I…(continues to talk, but mouths the words, not actually saying things aloud)
Extra 2: (carrying tv) And that’s how you establish a running joke.
Extra 1: Repetition? That’s pretty easy. (Exits)
Great: Your job sounds kind of difficult.
Dom: Right?
Great: I think my job is just as hard, though.
Dom: What do you do?
Great: Create universes. (Beat)
Dom: How do you do that exactly?
Great: It’s pretty rough, man. You totally have to make a design in your head of how far you want planets to be away from the sun, and make up moons and don’t even get me started on views of the constellations.
Dom: You uh, actually sound like you believe this…
Great: Oh, I’m not done yet, man. The most difficult part of creating universes is that you almost never get to see the results of your work. This is the first time I’ve found life that looks like me in one of my creations!
Dom: Wait a minute, are you trying to say…you created earth?
Great: Is that what you guys are calling it? If that’s the case, yeah, I was all about that.
Dom: (Standing) Okay, I’m gonna go now.
Great: I’m sensing a lack of faith here.
Dom: Uh, maybe because it’s crazy! No one person could create a planet.
Great: Universes, man. And I’m not a person, I’m a celestial being. My name is Great Omega hyphen Alpha Divine.
Dom: So your initials spell GOAD?
Great: Well, yeah, if you add in the hyphen. The other beings just call me…(dramatic pause) …Great for short.
Dom: So (air quotes) “Great”, if you made the earth and all, perhaps you can tell me what was the foundation for the continuation and evolution of life if you weren’t around?
Great: You know…I can’t quite remember. Was this the planet where I left one being in charge? Was it a whole bunch of em? Or maybe it was cells…sorry, I can’t remember. It changes every time.
Dom: Uh-huh. I’m sure it does. Again, really nice talking to you. I’m going to be on my way to…find some other fossil, I guess. (Starts to walk away)
Great: Wait a second! (Running to Dom)
Dom: Please don’t touch me.
Great: I will not touch you unless you want me to and then I will.
Dom: No thank you.
Great: (Blocks dom by stretching arms out wide) Can you listen? I have a feeling you’re not very good at it.
Dom: (Aside) Like I need two girlfriends. (Turns back to Great) What is it you want, money?
Great: What’s that?
Dom: The root all evil, benjamins, the evil oil that fuels our reality shows? Never heard of it?
Great: No! I haven’t heard anything about this earth. That’s why I need someone like you to show me around and explain what’s going on.
Dom: And what would be in it for me? (Quick) Besides touching me.
Great: I could…get you that fossil you were looking for.
Dom: (Sighs) How would you even do that?
Great: With this! (Great reaches into his/her pocket and pulls out a TI-89 Graphing Calcuator TM)
Dom: A calculator?
Great: (Laughs) What a strange name for the miracle machine.
Dom: Miracle machine?
Great: Are you going to keep asking questions or are you just going to listen?
Dom: Questions?
Great: With this miracle machine, I can work with the laws of probability, measured space and possibility to make Great things happen! If I put in a random equation like so…(types into calculator), then a random miracle will occur.
Dom: Through math?
Great: Basically.
Dom: Math. Okay, that’s my cue to go. (Goes to leave)
Great: Oops, I didn’t hit enter. (presses button)
Extra 3: FORESHADOWING! (Enters, holding small dog, or stuffed dog animal, whichever is easier to acquire for said production) It was about time you caught up to me. Now, let’s go get you neutered. (Exits)
Great extends arms and smiles. Dom is unconvinced.
Dom: So he found his foreshadowing. That’s easy if you wait long enough. Hardly a miracle.
Great: Well, how about a more complex equation? (Types into calculator) And…enter!

End Preview


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