Fill Another Bucket List

Since it is Throwback Thursday, I thought I would revisit an old topic of mine. This week, as a whole has been filled with terrible news. Michael Brown, NASCAR crashes and of course the loss of a great entertainer have all seized the headlines. Instead of going into more analysis (today, at least), I wanted to pull out this list again.

You may have seen those “30 before 30” lists before. And though I like the concept, I’m not a fan of the time limit, (I haven’t mastered airbending yet, and I want to do that before a bucket list) So to slightly tweak that concept, here are 15 items on my “Fill Another Bucket List”  You have your whole lifetime, so feel free to alter, modify or add to it as necessary. And if you do any of these, I’d love to see pics, videos or the police report!


bucket lists

  1. Find a funeral picketing by the WBC. Go there with double the amount of people. Hold up signs of love.*

*(Since this entry was made, I’ve seen one incidence of this happening!)

2. Have two chefs compete at s homeless shelter to mass produce their best dish. The winning plates go to the homeless. The losing plates go to the homeless.

3. Find a brick wall. Fill balloons with paint. On the outside people write words that have hurt them. They will use these balloons to break those words and make something beautiful out of their pain.

4. Find the oldest married couple in the world and have them attend a wedding with newlyweds. The old couple will renew their vows.

5. I believe in oxygen keeping us alive day: so all people finally have something to agree on. Make some stickers that say “Go Oxygen” on one side, and an uplifting message on the other.

6. Write a note on a Chinese lantern day of everything holding you back. Go to the shore of a beach. Let it go. The lantern too.

7. Find your favorite book of all time. Give it to someone who’s never read it. Preferably someone that doesn’t have a lot of books.

8. Find something to love. Two catches: a. It has to be legal. B. You have to mean it.

9. Show up to a friend’s house for a suprise 22nd birthday. Have a big rager. Film it all. Catch: the person has to say that life continues after 21.

10. Walking around shoeless for a day is great. Spreads the message. Let’s take those shoes and actually send them to people without shoes. Sends a better message.

11. Make a penpal and do it old school. Yes, letters and everything. And if you can, go visit them, wherever they are.

12. Get two professional golfers to play mini-golf for charity. The details are up to you!

13. Fund a kickstarter that will honestly make a difference in the world. The amount is inconsequential. (Sorry potato salad kickstarter fans)

14. Get together with five people and exchange your favorite movies. Rotate until you have your original movie again. You’ll either see great movies again, see a great movie for the first time, or laugh at a movie you don’t really like. Remember, this is a judgment-free zone.

15. Dig through your computer and find the oldest photos, files and videos that you never watch. Put them on a special flash drive with a note to yourself. Open it in five years and see what you remember. Repeat until…forever. If you feel courageous, show someone else.

16-Think about something you’ve always wanted to do, whether it will help you or someone close to you. Write it down. What’s next is up to you. Good luck, and fill up that bucket!



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