The Long Way to Tomorrow

Hello, all! I hope this reaches everyone in good health and with your favorite sports team/singer winning the…grammy bowl or something.

October is coming up, which means Halloween candy, Halloweentown and Columbus Day for most people. For me, that means that work intensifies. So I will be on hiatus until November, when I shall return with bi-weekly posts.

In the meantime, feel free to check out past blog posts. Or support this gofundme page: master the flute!

So, until the month of turkey and elections, I leave you with this  poem, Tomorrow. See ya then.


I forgot there was a tomorrow

So I just lived in today

I put aside my appointments

And all the plans I had in the way.

In the morning I watched the sun rise

And break the still of night

I saw bright reds and yellows

Thankful for my gift of sight.

When it came time for breakfast

I piled in plate after plate

Not wasting a single crumb

Thankful for the food I ate.

Then I ran a mile on the beach

And felt my lungs expand

I fell over after 5 minutes

Thankful for the gift of sand.

In the afternoon I talked to family

About how each person’s day had gone

Everyone had different stories to proclaim

And I was thankful they weren’t too long…

Cause at sunset I took my crush

To a special place on the beach

A quiet place I had kept secret

That no one else could reach.

I asked her boldly for a kiss

And she happily obliged

The kiss was so sweet and amazing

That after it I cried.

When she asked why I said

“There’s no tomorrow so we will never be.”

And she shook her head and said,

“There is, you’ll see.”

When the full moon took its place

And another 12 o’clock came around

I knew I was wrong and was relieved

With all this time I had found…

Forgetting there was a tomorrow

Was the best gift anyone could give

Because when you think you’ve lost tomorrow

You find out how you truly want to live.



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