Unexpected Lunacy and Return

Hey, 2015! It’s good to see you!

So, first off, I’ll lead off with an apology. I had no intentions of taking another big hiatus without at least a heads up.

Not this.

                                     Not this.

But, as life does, unexpected things came up at work and I did not even have enough time to think about a blog post, or to give a frame of time for a return. So for that, I’m sorry.

I am now back in full force, and ready to get going again. With a new year comes a new announcement:

This blog will double as an advice column.

Yes, Dear Arete (Like Dear Abby! Get it? …Okay. The jokes have not improved) will be fueled by questions, serious and completely comedic. So you can ask Arete something like:
How do I help a friend who has been distant lately?


How do I help a friend who has been listening to dubstep lately?

I’ll answer a question each week on Thursday. Tuesdays will be more of the old stuff, opinion pieces and occasionally some more artsy things. If you would like to submit a question, comment under this article, or, if you would like to remain anonymous, send an email to: AreteAdvice@gmail.com

And that’s about it! I’m excited for this year, and what it may bring. Hopefully it brings/has already brought some good things for you! And if hasn’t, today’s a good day to start working your way to the goodness. And speaking of goodness:

Goodness, it’s good to be back.

P.S. So Good.


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