You Should Drink on St. Patty’s Day (Because of History)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I’m going to keep it short and sweet today because you’re probably on your way to mass…what? You’re on the way to the bar? It’s 10:00 am! Kegs and eggs you say?

^Depicted here in the wild.

In all seriousness, some of you readers or your friends may look towards to this day for some good ole’ fashioned drinking. It’s fairly obvious that this holiday has been “AMERICUH”’-ED. Most people are aware that St. Patrick’s Day has nothing to do with binge drinking…or does it?

A quick wiki search between me and a coworker (hey, everyone deserves a quick break) revealed that St. Patrick’s Day was started to honor…well, it’s in the name. After being kidnapped by pirates (seriously) he joined the priesthood and helped to bring Christianity around Ireland. The day of his death became a catholic feast day. So why don’t we drink on every catholic feast day? Well, it’s not because there are 280 of them.

^What the world would look like.

No, the reason that St. Patrick gets people to raise their shot glasses is all in the timing. As you may or may not know, St Patrick’s Day is right in the middle of lent. Traditionally, things like sex and drinking are banned for lent. So while we may not take it as seriously now, people used to be very, very careful about that sort of thing. Luckily for our ancient college ancestors there was one day where the drinking ban was lifted=St. Patty’s.

So, very technically, St. Patty’s Day is a day where you should take advantage of a drink or two. Unfortunately for traditionalists, in the same way that Christmas is now more about presents than the birth of lil’ baby Jesus, the only thing most people can remember about St Patrick’s Day is to wear green and to be really into green beer for the day.

If you choose to drink your face off today, go ahead. Just remember that it’s, you know, Tuesday. (And the “Hump-day Hangover” is not something that you want to deal with, trust me.) And while you’re at the bar sipping your green tinted keystone, lean over to your neighbor and say, “Hey…drinking is cool with the church and stuff!”

I’m sure they’ll think you’re really cool for knowing that.


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