One More Day

An old prose piece for today. Enjoy 🙂

One More

Another dream.

Another sunset.

Another me.

I was staring at another me. He was dressed in a suit, had one hand in his pocket, and was looking forward at a full sunset. There was nothing around that was recognizable to me besides the sky. We were on a deck, but there was no water. I figured that I should start the conversation. “So. You’re me?” I said casually. “Yes.” The other me answered back just as casually. “So, do you have something to tell me?” I asked. “Yes.” The other me responded. I waited for him to begin talking, but it was silent. (For convenience’s sake, I’m calling him Fate).

Then I thought, “Can you only answer questions?” “Yes.” Fate responded, smiling. “Okay, so…are you a copy of me or me from the future?” I asked. “Both.” Fate responded. Whoa. This was big. “How far? And can you tell me anything?” I eagerly asked. “A year and a couple months ahead. I can tell you some things, but nothing specific.” Fate answered. I started off with the most important thing, “Girls?” “Too specific.” Fate said, chuckling. “Money?” I asked. “You have at least enough to get by.” “Failures?” “That’ll happen.” “Any pain?” “Yes.” Me and Fate said back and forth.

I almost groaned. This seemed like the biggest opportunity in the world but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I think Fate could sense my frustration, but remained silent. We were at a stalemate. The sunset remained constant, giving the illusion that no time had passed− even though it seemed as if Fate and I had been standing in silence for hours. Finally, I gave into my impatience and asked, “If you can’t tell me anything, why are we talking?” Fate turned his head toward me. His expression was neutral when he said,

“Because sometimes all you need to know about the future is that you’ll make it to another sunset.”

Fate’s words hit me hard. And then I heard a door open. I turned behind me and saw a door that hadn’t been there before. There was a blinding white light on the other side of the door, obscuring my view. I think my time was up. “There’s one thing I’m allowed to tell you.” Fate said. I turned and saw Fate with that same blank expression. “There will be a big opportunity coming up. Make sure you think carefully about taking it or not.” He said. I smiled and said, “Any chance you’ll tell me what I decided?” Fate smiled back and said, “No.”

I went to the doorway but stopped, gripping the door frame. There was one question left. “Who makes your rules, Fate?” I asked. The moment I asked the question, the moon joined the sun in the sky, bringing stars next to clouds. Fate opened his mouth and I expected him to say, “Too specific.” He smiled his biggest smile yet, as he said, “Too obvious.” The white light overpowered everything, blinding me.

Another dream.

Another me.

Another reason to face the light of a new day.


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