Binge Watch Weekend x2

Two series to binge watch this weekend! Three reasons each! Go forth!


1. It’s Seinfeld, but rated R

You get the same feel of the awkward, funny parts of life, only with more curse words.

2. Guest Stars Are Amazing

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Jeremy Renner, to name a few.

3. You feel better about your life.

Watching Louie struggle will make your life awesome in comparison.

Samurai Champloo

1. It’s a short anime series

You don’t have to invest seasons and seasons for this, you’ve got a compact selection of great episodes.

2. Equally Weird, Funny and Dramatic

You.ll to from laughing, to questioning the creators’ sanity, to the brink of tears.

3. It’s on Netflix

so you don’t have to hunt for it. It’s right there for the watching!

enjoy your two new favorite shows!


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