For the Singles

(Note: I was stumbling around in my phone and I found this as a note. It was written around Valentine’s Day but I never got around to publishing it. I figure, better late than never, right?)

I’ve been in love since I was five years old. To this day, I can remember my first love: Amanda. It was Pre-Kindergarten…Ms Severino’s class. I told her I loved her and was promptly rejected. Mainly, because, at the time, boys and girls were still infected with cooties.

I also may have come on too strong.

Anyway, you may wonder why I am telling this tale today. It’s because
I realized after valentine’s day one clear fact: I’m not in love with anyone. For the first time in 18 years, I pine over no one! (Except Emma stone/Scarlett Johansen/Zoe Saldana)But I wouldn’t write a post just for that reason either. I wanted to reach out to all the singles out there and say:

It’s all good.

I say this because there is a slight bias against our generations singles. They call us the hook up culture. The ones who can’t commit. Polyphemus! (Polyamarous) but that leaves out the people who are:
Cool with themselves alone
Trying to figure things out
Are asexual (yes, that is a real thing)
Still trying to get over their last thing

Yes. There’s songs like single ladies and articles praising the singles. But we don’t need that praise. Yes, ridin solo is a great song, but we don’t need to celebrate single status, just accept it. No shame, no pain. Just pure hardcore acceptance.
Because I grew up in a country that taught me that love was around the corner, or one accident on the street away from happening, I never considered the hard work that goes into every step of the process. If you want a relationship, you gotta put in the effort. And that won’t happen overnight.

So to all my singles out there: don’t be bitter. Don’t be proud if you don’t feel like it either. Be single. Be you. And if someone comes by that would like to add to that, perfect. But don’t ever feel bad for not having an answer to your equation.

I’ve been in love since age 5. I don’t mind taking a 5 minute break


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