The Best Fan Films (You can See for Free!)


There a few things that I love above all others:

1. Free Things

2. Avatar the Last Airbender

3. Good Art

Now, while none of the following have combined all three satsifyingly (one day…), they’ve done a pretty good job of being free good art. So, open youtube in your browser and enjoy:



Run Time: 13 minutes

Watch if: You like Harry Potter, Fantasy, Fun Special Effects

What It’s About: We bring the Harry Potter universe over to America with the reveal of a new magical item that the good guys want to hide and the bad guys want to use for mysterious purposes. Harry is directly involved in the plot, but his omission does not subtract from this fun film. What makes this worth the watch? Two reasons. One: American wizards and witches! Two: I think they did great things with their special effects on a presumably low budget. With an ominous tone, magical fights and a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more, this one’s good for fans or non-fans alike.


Run Time: 15:18

Watch if: You like Batman, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Crime Shows

What It’s About: This Batman tale takes place in between the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. Instead of having the focus  mainly on Batman, we focus on a new enemy looking to make his mark in Gotham-and his plan to take down the Bat. Now, there are tons of Batman fan films out there. What makes this stand out are the costumes, 3 Batman villains (and unlike Batman and Robin, this works!) and its commitment to the Dark Knight universe. There a few fun twists in this film too, so if you like crime thrillers, this one’s for you.


Run Time: 17:08

Watch If: You like Spiderman, Venom, Mockumentaries

What It’s About: This tale completely omits Spider-man to focus on Eddie Brock, a discredited news reporter. We follow him around as he tries to redeem himself to a French camera crew and regain his former reputation. There is a lot to love in this story. The actor who plays Eddie Brock is full of charisma and is exciting to watch. The film is shot entirely in black and white “film”, giving it a unique lens. And let’s say the last scene is something that would satisfy any Venom fan. Whether you’re on your toes waiting for the next Spiderman film to be announced or like original ideas and concepts, this film is a must-see.


Run Time: 19:57

Watch if: You like Tomb Raider, Strong Female Leads, Action Scenes

What It’s About: A group is held hostage on an island by a group of mercenaries. All hope seems lost…until a lone woman decides to fight back. Right away, let me tell you that the action scenes are excellent. You can tell that a lot of care was put into the choreography. The acting is fantastic, the settings make you feel like you’re in the game and the pacing of the story is perfect. And beyond all that, there is a great twist that you have to watch to truly appreciate. Whether you like strong female leads or you’re a fan of Lara Croft, this is a must-see.


Run Time: 10:15

Watch if: You like Punisher, Daredevil, Or Really Good Films

What It’s About: The Punisher is doing his laundry.

Seriously. Oh, in typical punisher fashion, there happens to be a gang terrorizing some people nearby and the Punisher has to decide whether to intervene or let it be. This film almost lost out to Croft, but it had three major points in the corner:

1. It’s got the original actor who played Frank Castle: Thomas Jane, and a guest starring role from Ron freakin’ Perlman. (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy)

2. The tone is absolutely perfect. It almost feels as if you’re watching a deleted scene from the first move.

3. The length is perfect for a quick watch with friends. And out of any others on this list, it feels like a completed story.

Enjoy these free fan films! If you’ve seen any great ones lately, let me know! I’d love to add more to my free collection.


Jared Leto Isn’t the Joker, Alfred Is.

So I saw this comic the other day.


It’s one of my favorite “what if?” panels. But after a little extra pre-Christmas eggnog, I started really considering it. Could the Greatest Detective’s Greatest Enemy be the Greatest Butler? And if so, what motivates him?

I’m so glad you asked.

Here are a few theories as to why Alfred would put on the clown makeup, and how it will be possible to pull one over on the Great Detective. And because I expect that there will be some counterarguments, I shall counter them before you can raise your responses! (It’s what Batman would do)

  1. To Test, but not kill him

We think that Joker never kills Batman purely because of his character. He is chaos while batman is order. If the Joker were to kill the batman, he would become (more) unbalanced and lose his zest to antagonize Gotham. But the reason could be a lot, lot simpler than that. This theory is taken straight from the comic above. Alfred mainly wanted to enhance Batman’s skills for his arguably less deranged enemies. But he also wanted to make Batman doubt himself, in the vain hope that he’ll hang up his cape when pushed too far. So he takes Batman to his absolute limits, but truly wants to increase his strength and fortitude.

  1. Alfred Is Giving Batman Therapy

Consider what Batman’s psyche is like. This is a man who discarded his childhood and sacrifices his impulses to serve a higher purpose. Joker, on the other hand, is a clown. Literally. He is (supposedly) a man who embraces childish whims and indulges his selfish desires-and brings everyone down around him in the process. The simple presence of the Joker is to remind Batman of what he’s lost. A sense of whimsical joy in what life can bring. Freedom from society’s demands. Laughter.

It’s theorized in certain versions of the comics that Bruce Wayne was never allowed to receive therapy. After Bruce starts Batmanning, Alfred realizes that therapy would come far too late anyway. So the only way left is to (literally) beat some sense in to the Bat. And if the Killing Joke is any proof, Alfred, ahem, I mean, the Joker does make batman laugh.

  1. Joker’s Origins are Impossible to Find

Here’s the big dispute. Where did the clown prince of crime come from? Was he a guy pushed into a vat of acid? Was he a soldier of fortune? D. None of the above! Those were all random stories. This is a classic villain technique. You tell exaggerated stories of where you came from so that you get more street cred or fear around your name. All Alfred had to do was slip a few criminals a c-note or two to start talking about the Joker’s past. And it would explain how even the Batman can’t trace his foe’s history.

Now for the Counterarguments:

But the Joker is insane! Alfred has it completely together.

I never said Alfred wasn’t crazy.

Bruce Wayne fools dozens of people with the Wayne act every day. Who says that Alfred isn’t doing the same? I think that Alfred loses it after seeing Batman in the cowl for the first time. He’s isn’t scared of the costume, he’s scared that Bruce might never emerge from it again. His desperate urge to protect The Batman split him into this Joker personality…and a man obsessed with his ward. And I do mean obsessed. After the first Robin left, Alfred had a chance to be alone with the bat again…until Jason Todd comes along. To get Bruce to himself, Alfred nearly kills the second robin. Regretting it, he doesn’t attack any of Batman’s adopted wards again…until Batgirl. And so on and so forth. In short: Alfred’s insanity translates to Bruce’s protection.

But the Joker was (at this place) while Alfred was (at this place)! How could he possibly pull it off?

Multiple Jokers. Like I mentioned above, Alfred could conceivably expand the Joker mythos by paying several people to talk about his story. What if he paid people to play the joker? Or had a rotating set? It could go down like this:

Alfred: Bob, you will need to be the Joker this weekend?

Bob: Why me?

Alfred: Master Bruce and I are going on vacation to Hawaii.

Jimmy: I could cover this weekend if…

Bob: Yes?

Jimmy: Front row seats to the Lakers game?

Bob: Are you serious?

Jimmy: Take it or leave it.

Alfred: Would now be a bad time to mention that the Joker is going to attack a few basketball teams this week…?

Multiple jokers would also explain how the Joker gets into situations where everyone is certain he is dead yet always pulls through at the last moment. Where does this Joker supply come from? Crazy people, of course! Alfred screens them, trains them and then maybe even hypnotizes each of them into believing that they are the true Joker. Then they’ll either rotate, die or be snapped out of a hypnotic trance and benched until they are needed again. This would ensure that Batman would never have to be without his nemesis.



There you have it. Concrete proof that Alfred is the clown prince of crime. If you don’t believe it, that’s completely fine. But isn’t it fun to think about?