What Do I say to my niece?


A Loss In Words

What do I say to my niece?
This endless violence won’t cease.
My only hope that it will decrease
Before I am deceased.
At night I’m supposed to sleep
But I can only weep
Over the lives that could not keep
The souls that death chose to reap
Do I tell her that this all about race
That the color of face
Determines her place
In society’s good grace.
No tv tells me that’s not true
This violence can happen to me or you
Yet the only deaths in my view
Leave a distinctly colored residue
I don’t want another excuse!
It’s past time to introduce
The definitive way to reduce
This pattern of abuse.
You want help? I’ll be the first to volunteer
Just don’t be insincere
Or even worse, disappear
From our quest due to fear.
It’s gonna take all of us to make this change
Though at first it may be strange
Great ideas we will exchange
Monumental plans we will arrange.
We will succeed because our goals are right
And it all won’t happen overnight
But you tend to have to fight
To remove a society’s blight.
Every night I dream of this peace
For the bloody news to cease
Giving me an increase
In good news for my niece.


The Poem With No Name

For this Tuesday, I’m doing a little poetry. Enjoy!

It Will Won’t Will Won’t Be Okay

I have reached the end

Of the earth

I have sailed past the world’s wonders

I have finished all of my work.

Here on the edge

There is darkness to an indefinite depth

Heat from a fire fierce and enduring

And a distinct feeling of death.

My body is ready to fail

To tumble into the pit

Scarred and beaten by the journey

It would only take one more hit.

I feel destined to become dust

Carried away by the wind

Free from the world’s weight

Released from all of my sin.

This is a trial

I am not meant to survive

It is an event

That must be faced with no shield or disguise.

With the last of my courage

I plunge into the flames

Everything becomes ash

The time has come for change.

I fall away from this life

Only to rise

Ascending into a new body

Free from pretension or disguise.

Feeling new and powerful

I return once more to earth

My old self discarded

On this date of my second birth.

The life of a phoenix

Is one of glory and pain

It begins with the view of the light above

It ends with the view of nothing below in flame.

As the cycle begins again

I fly across the sea

The world’s wonders return once more

And I begin to feel free.

The past trails behind me

Burning away in a stream of smoke

All that remains of the old life

Filled with the memories, lessons, and words I spoke.

My life could never continue

If my time never came to an end.

My eyes find the ground

I take a deep breath and descend.