A Poet’s Return

Busy-ness has kept me away from blogging for a bit, so I decided to check back in. Here’s a poem, and happy friday!

Almost Fantasy

You wear no crown

Nor a flowing gown

But when you are around…

You have this power that is best

Setting off this fluttering in my chest

In short, I’d call you a princess.


I carry no sword, or a shield

To a dragon I would yield

But when I see you my fate is sealed…

All your foes I would fight

Until you stand in the light

In short, I’d want to be called your knight.


Instead of fighting beasts

I would at the least

Make any tears of yours cease.

I’d find it worthwhile

With gumption and guile

To make sure every day that you smile.


In return from you

All you have to do

Is let me bask in your maroon hue.


If we could make out too that would also be great,

But I’d leave that part to fate

Either way, Almost princess you have An almost knight ready-in-wait.






Rorschach Media Inc.

Gooood morning!

Today’s prompt http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/daily-prompt-connection-2/ caught my eye and I wondered, what is the most uninteresting news story I could find? After scouring the gritty world of tips for a better scrambled egg and the stock market, I found the unshiny gem I was looking for:

Someone took a picture of Justin Beiber sleeping. This utterly mundane news-that-I-can’t-believe-articles-were-written-about, inspired me to write a poem. So, in honor of Hermann Rorschach (I’m so sorry, man), here it is. Enjoy 🙂

Rorschach’s Baby

Oops, a camera caught beiber sleeping in bed

How dare he rest his talented head!

But maybe he just needed some r and r

Beiber is America’s number one star.

A girl took pictures of him, oh that’s not right!

He’s too young to be doing…that thing at night!

No, J Beibs is too old to be making this mistake

He just turned nineteen for goodness’ sake!

But society shouldn’t care, all he does is entertain

Let him sleep in strange places and rot his brain.

Then again, he needs his fans to have his back

The beleibers are the best defense for a media attack.

Thank goodness this story is at the top of the news,

It would be terrible if important events are skipped for page views.

Like typhoons, food stamps and health care reform,

Nuclear treaties? Fracking? Those things are out of the norm!

Let’s focus on things that don’t affect our life

What need do we have for other’s strife?

So gaze upon beiber and form an opinion’s that’s best

Consider this your first media Rorschach test.

Breaking Ground

Hey world, my name is Andrew Tejada and I’m a writer.

Phew, we’ve got that out of the way.

I’ve been writing since I was six (poems, short stories, plays) so I’ve got tons of stuff to post, but I’d also like to try reviews, opinion pieces and maybe even a cookbook. 

To start off this blog, and in the spirit of throwback thursday, I’ll post a prose piece that I did for an old school project. Enjoy! 



Philo stared out the window of his dorm room in stunned disbelief; “It’s not a Frisbee; it’s a spaceship.” he finally stammered.  “I told you.” Holly said, trembling. The spaceship was bright yellow with two crimson streaks going around the disc. It hovered without any discernible engine or rockets; the UFO simply floated in front of the window. “Wha…What should we do?” Philo choked out. “Hmm…let me just draw from all my experience with UFO’s and I’ll get back to you.” Holly said. Philo rolled his eyes and said, “You know, your sarcasm is the reason we broke up.” “I can’t…whoa!” screamed Holly. “What?” Philo said, whipping his head towards the window.

He looked on in horror as he realized that the campus dragon statue that once stood outside the window was now a heap of smoking rubble. Philo turned back to Holly…and saw that she had her arms crossed and a frown on her face. “See, you never pay attention to the important things. THAT’S why we broke up!” Holly said, confident. Philo stared in stunned belief at Holly’s statement and replied, “You’re kidding, right? You were never faithful! I bet if an alien came out right now, you’d make out with it!” Livid, Holly pushed Philo and said, “I bet I’d have a better connection with an alien species than I ever had with you! Plus, the alien might even be a better kisser!” Philo had no words.

            After a moment of silence, he turned and headed towards the door. As Philo gripped the doorknob, Holly sighed and said, “Where are you going?” Philo stopped and said, “I think I’d rather take my chances with the aliens then stay here with you.” As three campus police officers were slaughtered by the UFO’s lasers, Holly shook her head and said, “No. If anyone’s going to leave, it should be me. This is your room, after all.” Philo turned and, ignoring the fire that had started in the quad, said, “If that’s what you want.” “I do.” Holly said quietly as she made her way to the door.

Philo turned away from Holly and to the window. On the windowsill he noticed an old teddy bear. Philo could still remember when he spent 40 dollars in 20 minutes−just to win that teddy bear for Holly. Turning away from the pile of smoking bodies that was beginning to build up outside, Philo said, “Holly, wait.” Holly, who had already opened the door, stopped and turned towards Philo. She had noticed the teddy bear too. With a blank face and a voice devoid of emotion she said, “Yes?”

In an instant, the UFO let out a high pitched wail that forced Philo and Holly to cover their ears. It the next instant, it shone with a brilliant golden light that stole their sight. Unable to see or hear, Philo and Holly extended their arms and reached for each other. They were not close enough to touch.